Born in Slovakia, Galanta

June 1996

First experience with Adobe Photoshop

I wanted to create an avatar (100x100) for Steam, which I could use while playing.


Finished Hungarian Elementary school

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Elementary School June 2010

Started Privat Gymnasium

During the beginning of my education, our timetable was 60% English lessons, later it was reduced and I spruced up my German grammar. Slovak was our conversational language during other lessons.

Privat Gymnasium Sept 2010
Adobe Illustrator

First Experience with Adobe Illustrator

This was the first time that I have discovered the wonders of vector/vectorized images, and started creating my first icons and logos.

Jan 2012

First Experience with Coding

I was always interested in how websites work and one day my fellow classmate showed me codecademy.

Apr 2013

Cashier @ Big Mamas. BA, SK

The first job I have had was in a fast food restaurant where I worked as a cashier.

Big Mama's May 2014

Accountant's assistant @ ACC PRO. SA, SK

At this job I was responsible for orginizing incoming and outgoing databases and paperwork.

July 2014

Moved to Denmark, Unemployed

After graduating from highschool I have decided to quit my jobs and continue with my education in Odense.

Aug 2015
multimedia design

Started Multimedia design @ Lillebaelt Odense, DK

After years of consideration I figured, why not study and earn money in the future with something I love doing on a regular basis. So I decided to attend a multimedia design academy.

Lillebaelt Academy Sept 2015

Custodian @ Radisson Blu, Odense, DK

During my studies I have found a part time job working as a custodian in the kitchen of a nearby hotel.

Radisson Blu April 2016
witt-gruppe logo

Interning @ Witt-Gruppe, Weiden, DE

I am currently working 38 hours per week at Witt-Gruppe in Germany. It is the best work experience that I have had in my lifetime and I am gaining a lot of knowledge from my experienced co-workers.